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Built on the bomb site of the original pub during the 1950s, The Mixer got its name from the cement mixer that was absent-mindedly trapped in the cellar during its construction. Unable to move it, the cement mixer was buried underground and thus, the Good Mixer was born!

Starting life as a working man's pub, it gained notoriety as the watering hole of choice for a long list of bands and celebrities throughout the 90s Britpop era. It was used as an unofficial office by Alan Mcgee of Creation Records and musicians including Jarvis Cocker, Suggs and Bobby Gillespie could often be seen propping up the bar.

Famously, the pub was the setting for the opening blow in the Oasis vs Blur feud where on meeting Graham Coxon for the first time, Noel Gallagher reportedly said: "Nice Music, Shit clothes."

The pub was where the band Elastica signed with Deceptive Records, where Menswe@r are said to have formed and, in later years, Amy Winehouse was often seen playing a game of pool with the blinds closed to avoid the paparazzi.

Today the pub maintains its laidback, good time vibes that made it famous and continues to be the go to Camden pub for live music and a game of pool. We pride ourselves of offering a platform for grassroots musicians and for being one of the only live music venues in London with a free entry for all policy, 7 days a week.

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